Specialized company with over 25 years of experience

Indumed is a Belgian company specialized in appliances for blood sedimentation (ESR), bacterial culture, urine culture, laboratory water systems, onkometers and benchtop centrifuges.

History of our company


1992 : De Bruyne CHR. BVBA becomes De Bruyne CHR. NV and INDUMED BVBA becomes INDUMED NV

1993 : INDUMEDICO N.V. NL, the Dutch doughter company

2010 : Indumed NV divided into

    • Indumed bvba
      This company distributes applicances related to
        • blood sedimentation in 20 seconds,
        • urine cultures in 3 hours,
        • lab water systems,
        • disposable material,
        • pH-meters/conductivity-meters/electrophoresis,
        • centrifuges,
        • balances,
        • onkometer
    • De Bruyne Instruments
      This company distributes all appliances and products mentioned on this site, i.e.
        • Advanced Inc. osmometers and cryoscopes,
        • Flohr Instruments custom climate cabinets,
        • Bilbate pasteur pipettes,
        • Consort PH meters, Ec meters and Electrolysis,
        • Wateranalysis
        • Fotometer
        • Blood cell counters
        • diffcounters
        • CFA
        • durables

Both companies continue working together and assisting and supporting all clients. Ongoing and current agreements and contracts remain applicable.

Market info and normes

  • ISO-normes

coming soon: Sidecar

walk-away, automated bacteriology workflow

coming soon: SidecarAlifax presents Sidecar (patent pending)". An appliance combining modern technology for rapid bacteria growth detection with classical culture on Petri dish, aiming towards a complete automation of the bateriology workflow.

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