Alifax Alfred 60

First Automated System for Bacterial Culture and Susceptibility Testing

Alfred60 is the first fully automated system able to perform bacterial culture, RAA and susceptibility testing by automating the whole process of sample inoculation, reading and result transmission.

Using the patented technology based on light scattering it is able to detect the presence of bacteria and their drug resistance in few hours with high sensitivity and specificity.

  • Light Scattering Technology
  • Quantitative Results expressed in CFU/ml
  • Automated susceptibility testing with customized antibiotic panels
  • Real time detection of bacteria growth curves
  • Integrated turbidimeter with Mc Farland Monitor
  • Single sample management with customized analysis profile settings
  • Refrigerated area at + 4°C for antibiotics and 0.5 Mc Farland positive sample storage
  • Automatic reagents and samples dispensing
  • Primary closed tube sampling with continuous loading capability
  • Automatic results reading and reporting
  • Built in barcode reader for automatic sample identification
  • LIS bidirectional interface and Query Host application
  • 37°C incubation
  • User friendly software
  • Universal rack that accommodate various tube sizes
  • Use of closed tubes (in compliance with the law in force)
  • Customized reports
  • Database for epidemiological studies
  • Connection to HB&L available for increased throughput and productivity

coming soon: Sidecar

walk-away, automated bacteriology workflow

coming soon: SidecarAlifax presents Sidecar (patent pending)". An appliance combining modern technology for rapid bacteria growth detection with classical culture on Petri dish, aiming towards a complete automation of the bateriology workflow.

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