Centurion Scientific C2

centrifuge C2

Features for all C2 series

  • Light emitting Diode screen
  • Electric blue LED display
  • 0 Acceleration rates
  • 10 Deceleration rates
  • 10 Program memory
  • Timer 0-99 minutes + Constant
  • Pulse (short run) to 90 seconds
  • Run in speed or Rcf(G Force) in 10 Rpm Steps
  • Sound level below 60 Dbs (Rotor dependant)

Standard features to all C2 range

  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Alloy and steel main frame with composite panels
  • World brand leading industrial grade inverter
  • High quality European brushless motor


  • Cleanliness & Rust Free
  • Strong, Light & Quiet
  • Reliability & Accuracy
  • Cool & Reliable

Safety features to all ranges

  • Four point lid locking system containment
  • Imbalance vibration detector with auto reset
  • Lid lock detector
  • Overspeed sensor
  • Set inverter values
  • Barrier ring
  • Motor overheat sensor
  • Full service access via coded system, giving LED display diagnostics


  • Best Safety for Lid
  • Easy “eye” volume loading
  • Unable to run with an open lid
  • Safe detection of speed
  • Electronic safety of speed
  • Metal protection of chamber
  • Motor protection

coming soon: Sidecar

walk-away, automated bacteriology workflow

coming soon: SidecarAlifax presents Sidecar (patent pending)". An appliance combining modern technology for rapid bacteria growth detection with classical culture on Petri dish, aiming towards a complete automation of the bateriology workflow.

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