Siemens Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis - Environmentally Friendly Deionization

We sell different versions of each RO model: the Compact introductory models, with production rates of 3, 7 and 15 l/h, and the euRO basic model with a production rate of 6 l/h for special membrane pressure tanks. 

The small equipment euRO model series reaches production rates of 20 to 350 l/h, all installed in attractive plastic housing, as are the introductory models. We also produce equipment for higher consumption rates as part of the central water treatment in buildings or for industrial applications, all installed in a compact cabinet. This equipment generates product water at rates of 130 to 1250 l/h with conductivity values of up to 20 µS/cm, depending on the quality of the untreated feed water.

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euRO Series

  • Salt retention rate: min. 98 %.
  • High quality, low energy consumption. The right model for any application.

Series Compact RO

  • Salt retention rate: ca. 98 %.
  • Compactly including. 30 l-tank – 
  • completely, immediately applicable.

RO S Series

  • Salt retention rate: min. 98 %.
  • Pure water for a variety of applications.


coming soon: Sidecar

walk-away, automated bacteriology workflow

coming soon: SidecarAlifax presents Sidecar (patent pending)". An appliance combining modern technology for rapid bacteria growth detection with classical culture on Petri dish, aiming towards a complete automation of the bateriology workflow.

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