Consort ph meter C500

ph meter C500

A large bright LCD screen with white backlight enables to view all channels simultaneously. 

Multi-point (1...5) calibration of pH electrodes with any of eleven pre-programmed and five user specified buffer tables. 

Multi-point (1...3) calibration of conductivity electrodes for increased linearity with any of three pre-programmed or three user specified standard tables. 

The display guides you at any moment in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German). 

All necessary GLP-procedures are on board. 

coming soon: Sidecar

walk-away, automated bacteriology workflow

coming soon: SidecarAlifax presents Sidecar (patent pending)". An appliance combining modern technology for rapid bacteria growth detection with classical culture on Petri dish, aiming towards a complete automation of the bateriology workflow.

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