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Lab water purification systems


Evoqua lab water purification systems

Indumed provides premium water purification solutions to meet your Type I, Type II or Type III lab water needs. We distribute high-performance Evoqua lab water purification systems, such as ultrapure water systems, reverse osmosis water systems and ion exchange systems. Additionally, our dedicated team offers technical support and aftermarket services wherever and whenever needed to ensure ongoing productivity and efficiency.

What is a lab water purification system?

Regular water may contain chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, inorganic ions, organics, particulates, bacteria and gases. A lab water purification system (or laboratory water purification system) removes these undesirable components and provides a pure, consistent and reliable source of water. This is crucial for lab, science and medical applications, since impure water (even trace levels of impurities) can put results at risk. There are various water purification methods, ranging from reverse osmosis and water deionization to ultrafiltration and UV radiation.

Evoqua: outstanding performance, high reliability

Evoqua has been a pioneer in water and wastewater treatment solutions for over 75 years. The experienced Pennsylvania-based company provides advanced lab water purification systems for customers with critical water needs in a variety of sectors, from energy generation to healthcare. The systems all meet the standards of modern analysis and far exceed the highest ASTM standards. They guarantee the water quality that is required for your laboratory tasks, whether if that is ultrapure water (Type I), purified water (Type II) or primary grade water (Type III).

“Evoqua and our brands have over a 100-year heritage of innovation. We help more than 38,000 customers solve water challenges at over 200,000 installations worldwide and operate in more than 160 locations across 10 countries. Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on us as their trusted advisor to help them meet their water needs.”

– Evoqua Water Technologies


Ultrapure water systems


Reverse osmosis water systems


Water deionization systems

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