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PH- and conductivity meters


Laboratory pH- and conductivity meters

PH- and conductivity meters are vital instruments when fast and accurate pH- and conductivity analysis is required. Indumed distributes and repairs laboratory pH- and conductivity meters of premium quality to complete your electrochemistry system. By providing sophisticated lab equipment, professional advice and technical support whenever needed, we strive to take your workflow to the next level.

What is the purpose of pH- and conductivity meters?

A pH-meter measures the degree of acidity or alkalinity in a water-based solution. The pH-value is determined by the ratio of the hydrogen ion [H+] and the hydroxyl ion [OH-] concentrations. The pH-scale ranges from 1 to 14, where pH < 7 is acidic, pH 7 is neutral and pH > 7 is alkaline. PH-measurement devices are used for a wide range of applications, from lab experimentation to water quality control.

An electrical conductivity meter or EC meter measures the electrical conductivity in an aqueous solution. It verifies the substance’s ability to conduct electricity over a certain distance. The higher the acidity or alkalinity, the higher the electrical conductivity. The conductivity meter is often used for applications such as hydroponics and aquaponics to examine the amount of nutrients, salts and impurities in the water.

Consort: high-technology pH- and conductivity meters

Consort is a Belgian-based company with over 45 years of experience in the development of advanced laboratory equipment. From pH-conductivity meters and controllers to electrophoresis power supplies and pumps. All instruments are manufactured with a sharp eye for detail by a team of dedicated, skilled and forward-thinking electronics engineers. Consort’s laboratory pH-conductivity meters allow you to measure the acidity, alkalinity and conductivity of a water-based solution in a fast, reliable and cost-effective way.


pH-conductivity meters



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