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About us

Indumed, provider of premium-quality lab supplies

Today’s healthcare landscape is constantly evolving and requires an efficient and futureproof working method, now more than ever. That is the only way to guarantee high-quality patient care and fast, reliable results. Indumed distributes and repairs a wide range of advanced medical lab supplies to help you achieve your goals and to increase productivity, accuracy and safety.

Smart solutions, smarter workflow

Providing highly innovative solutions and optimizing your workflow, that is what we strive for. Our dedicated team works hard to provide you with the right medical lab supplies and the right service for your specific needs and requirements. We want to add real value to your laboratory procedures and analyses. That is why we only distribute first-rate lab equipment of top-trusted brands and why you can always rely on us. Whether if you need advice, application support or technical maintenance. We strongly value long-term relationships and can solve nearly every problem within 24 hours.


ESR analyzers

The revolutionary ESR analyzers or erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzers of Alifax offer you results in just 20 seconds, as opposed to 30-60 minutes with older technologies.


Lab water purification systems

The Evoqua lab water purification systems (ultrapure water systems, reverse osmosis water systems and ion exchangers) provide a pure, consistent and reliable source of water.


PH- and conductivity meters

Our Consort pH- and conductivity meters allow you to measure acidity, alkalinity and conductivity of a water-based solution with extreme precision, in no time.



With the ONKOMETER 923 of BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBH you can easily measure the oncotic pressure or plasma colloid osmotic pressure (COP) in less than two minutes.

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